Obama Revealed More Than His Birth Certificate Last Year

When President Obama released his long-form Certificate of Live Birth on Apr. 27, 2011, (Picture 1), everyone in the press and the public had forgotten about the other birth certificate he released in 2008: the short-form Certification of Live Birth that his campaign staff posted on its website (Picture 2). Long-Form Certificate of Live Birth Short-Form Certification of Live Birth ...Everyone, that is, except Obama, his White House staff and legal counsel, and CNN. At a press conference held the day before, 4/26/2011, a CNN reporter confronted Jay Carney with the following: Jay, my colleague, Gary Tuchman, just went to Hawaii and established again that there's evidence suggesting that the President was born in the United States. However, Trump and others keep saying that that's not the actual birth certificate, and as you know, Hawaii Department of Health says that you can request a birth certificate; you put in a Freedom of Information request, and within a few weeks, you'll get a...(Read Full Article)