Our State Government Victory

Few of us, I am sure, feel hopeful this week.  Obama not only won re-election, but he did better than we feared he might.  Democrats not only held on to the Senate, but gained a couple of seats.  Republicans held the House of Representatives but lost seats.  In the Senate races, very dumb comments by our candidates in Missouri and Indiana caused net Senate losses.  In House races, although losing seats is not good, maintaining control is very important, and Republicans have enough votes to comfortably control the House through the next election.  What about the presidential race?  Candy Crowley's profoundly dishonest "correction" of Romney during the debate, Chris Christie's inexplicably dumb embrace of Obama before the election, and the distraction of Sandy all incrementally affected the presidential voting.  The massive support of the leftist establishment media, of course, was the key ingredient.  Republicans have enough votes to...(Read Full Article)