Our Border, Our Integrity

There is a conspicuous lack of cultural and national self-respect among the pro-amnesty Republicans, who display a corresponding excess of a misplaced compassion. If there is one primary obstacle to border security and sane immigration policy in America, it is misplaced compassion. If we're going to have a decent system of immigration, we need to have a fact-based, morally sound outlook on immigrants. Human sympathy is natural and good, and should extend to all peoples, including immigrants -- legal or otherwise. Granted, we are all God's children, or all special according to whatever view you may have. But the Golden Rule has been greatly distorted in its application to the immigration debate. What would we honestly have others do unto us, if we were illegally in someone else's country? Personally, I believe it proper to respect the laws and customs of the nation in which one lives. That means that if I broke the law in a nation where I lived, I would expect to be held...(Read Full Article)