Opening the Gates of Hell

In the face of Israel's latest attempt to protect its citizens, Hamas sent a warning that Israel has "opened the gates of hell."  Put aside Hamas's threats of retaliation and war in response to Israel's targeted assassination of a known terrorist and madman during Operation Pillar of Defense.  It is of utmost importance for people to understand which side of this enduring conflict actually opened up the floodgates of violence and perpetuates the moral and civil decline of the Palestinian people. Ahmed Jabari, a Hamas military commander and terrorist linked to hundreds of terror operations over decades, including masterminding the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, was not the hero that the Palestinians would have you believe.  No matter, though -- demonizing Israel is a decades-old sport pursuant to which the players attempt to destroy their opponent without regard for the truth or moral standing. While the world watches the escalation of the violence in the Middle East, the...(Read Full Article)