On Respecting Muslim Culture

For at least the past decade, and perhaps longer, the nations of the West have treated jihadists and radical Islamists (which groups count for many more Muslims than most Americans care to admit) with an inordinate level of respect so as not to "offend" them.  The first thing that should be considered is that no one is entitled to "respect."  "Respect" must be earned, just as "trust" must be earned.  One might argue that "courtesy" can be demanded, but to demand "respect" and "trust" is insulting to those from whom the fulfillment of the demand is required. The second thing that should be noted is that Western nations define the word "respect" differently from the way Islamic nations do.  Based on observed historical example, dominant strict Islamic nations recognize only abject subjugation, known as dhimmitude, as a display of respect.  Any attempt to sustain independence from their control is viewed as being disrespectful of, if not blasphemous to,...(Read Full Article)