On Angels and Demons

When actor and director Mel Gibson was asked some years ago about certain difficulties he had when making his film The Passion of the Christ, he registered a countenance of unease and said (I'm paraphrasing), "Something doesn't want this to happen." Being just a couple of seconds of his interview, it was perhaps hardly noticed by many.  But it might have made the ears of people of faith, particularly Christians, perk up.  And they would have known precisely to what he was alluding. Of course, any talk of spirits not confined to the local liquor store is now often considered the stuff of children and crackpots.  Yet is such scoffing logical? Modern man, ever the materialist, may scoff at that question.  "Matters of faith are anything but logical," says he, "so making light of them is eminently so."  But this betrays a misunderstanding of logic.  Logic is not an answer; it is a method by which answers can be found.  As such, like a computer, its...(Read Full Article)