Obama's War on Women Backfires

Women are a central, indispensible part of the Democratic base -- single women, that is, and particularly those being churned out of women's studies programs at colleges and universities all across the country.  Single women favored Obama by a 41-point margin in 2008.  They are the reason why "reproductive rights" and the so-called "women's issues" were in our faces non-stop at the Democrats' Charlotte, N.C. convention.  The "War on Women" narrative is the reason why B-level female celebrities -- Sandra Fluke, Tammy Baldwin, Tammy Duckworth, Nancy Keenan, Caroline Kennedy, Eva Longoria, Sen. Barbara Mikulski, Cecile Richards, and Kamala Harris -- took center stage during prime time for television coverage of the DNC event. For critical months during the campaign, it looked like the "war on women" meme was working -- President Obama held a strong lead over Governor Romney among women, and especially single women. But slowly the "war on women" began to "pile on" -- or...(Read Full Article)