Obama's Loss: Inevitable for Years

Do not be seduced by the disproportionate emphasis on recent events with regard to Barack Obama's pending landslide loss.  I submit that a more sober analysis indicates that November 2012 has been inevitable for at least four years.  In some ways, it's been inevitable for even longer than that. You see, Barack Obama and his statist agenda have failed because they could not possibly succeed.  In a way, electing Obama was liberal America's dash off a cliff -- and the 2012 election is merely the day they officially make contact with the ground.  There has been no other outcome possible.  The pundits and the pollsters can argue political gravity all they want -- and they certainly have for the majority of the past four years -- but truth does not require validation from those who refuse to acknowledge it.  Truth is...period.  The next thud you hear will be the unhappy realization of this fact from many on the left.  Their philosophy works...(Read Full Article)