Obama vs. the Rule of Law

What would you do if you were asked to sacrifice the life of individual for the nation's alleged economic progress? I'm sure the readers of this journal would be indignant and outrage at the request. We uphold the doctrine of the rule of law, which holds that everyone is equal before the law. The rule of law, however, is much more than that. It protects us from arbitrary power used to violate our rights in the name of mere expediency or whim. It is precisely the rule of law that is under attack when our president demands that we allow him to plunder our most productive citizens if we wish to avoid the "fiscal cliff." We are a constitutional republic. Broad fundamental laws and a separation of powers protect the American people from the arbitrary rule of men. Our founding fathers designed a system that was meant to keep a liberal democracy from degenerating into mob rule. They knew that mere legality, the creation of statutes, can violate the rights of the individual as much as a...(Read Full Article)