Obama Just Does Not Like People Very Much

Many Americans find repellent a president who condescends to them, patronizes them, scolds and berates them.  Such a president does not show that he cares about them.  Despite hagiographic media coverage in the 2008 campaign and beyond, Barack Obama is being perceived as such a man by a large number of Americans. When candidate Barack Obama spoke about "the bitter clingers" (or dismissed farmers' concerns about their livelihood by suggesting that they grow arugula -- a modern-day "let them eat cake"), these were not mere gaffes. Even when he tried to pantomime empathy, he fell flat. Neera Tanden, former aide to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama: "Obama doesn't call anyone, and he's not close to almost anyone. It's stunning that he's in politics, because he really doesn't like people." Journalist John Heilemann: "I don't think he doesn't like people. I know he doesn't like people." Washington Post political reporter Scott Wilson in "Obama, the loner president": "Obama is, in...(Read Full Article)