Obama Appoints Class Warfare Czar to Save New York

Rahm Emanuel may have gone back to Chicago to manage the leftist thuggery farm team, but his spirit lives on in the Obama administration. Emanuel's famous dictum, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste," is apparently informing Obama's handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Obama's clever use of Chris Christie to score "bipartisanship" points in the final days of the election campaign was just the beginning of the plan. On November 15, Obama, speaking in New York, announced his choice of a federal "point person" in dealing with the recovery efforts. On the federal level, because this is going to be such a big job, I wanted to assign one particular person who would be in charge from our perspective, who would be our point person -- because FEMA basically runs the recovery process, it doesn't focus on the rebuilding. For that, we've got to have all government agencies involved. Janet Napolitano has done a great job with respect to DHS, but we thought it would be good to...(Read Full Article)