Nightmare on Election Street

We're all familiar with the scene from the horror movies.  Just at the moment of facing the monster, or perhaps that last step before a fall into the abyss -- the music climaxes; the camera zooms in.  And there, on the big screen, a close-up of the victim's face: a look at first of confusion, then real terror, and finally that flash of realization in their eyes -- that they really screwed up.  It's too late.  The victim was unprepared.  Or he was duped, or on the wrong side.  He might have completely miscalculated their attacker's next move, or even failed to correctly identify evil itself. We clench the armrest; we imagine the victim's terror and feel sorry for him.  All while yelling, What in the heck are you doing?  Don't go outside!  Don't open the door!  Stop!  Are you stupid?  Can't you see?  What's wrong with you? But all our shouted warnings change nothing.  The script has been set.  And we agonize for...(Read Full Article)