New Beginnings

With regard to the recent election, what is done is done. The Republic will have to take its lumps, again, for another four years. So, short of secession movements and other unorthodox remedies, what are the approximately one-half of voting American citizens who are predisposed toward liberty to do to help restore the Republic? Tea Party activism, campaign volunteerism, and voting have not been enough to restrict the slide into national statism. While Republicans witnessed spectacular congressional gains in the 2010 midterm elections, the momentum was insufficient to carry the day in November 2012. A tipping point has been reached in the attitudes of the national electorate, where sustenance from government is more important than liberty. How do we regain the love of freedom over the empty promises of comfort? One path toward restoration is a return to citizen participation at the local level. Our opponents have understood and perfected this truism for decades. The doctrines found in...(Read Full Article)