Message to the GOP: Believe it or Not

Bill Whittle has been making the rounds with the observation that the Republican Party doesn't believe its own message, and this is one of the main reasons we lost the election. The idea is that Republicans make a show of being conservative, but don't demonstrate a true commitment to conservative values or our nation's founding principles. I think he's right. Bill Whittle is a very smart guy.   Lately, the Republicans have been doing everything they can to prove him right. The Republican leadership has long been shifting policies and positions to the left, and is now accelerating in that direction. We need a "bigger tent", don't you know, and the best way to get a "bigger tent" is to become more like the Democrats.   John McCain says we need to leave abortion alone and get to the business of immigration reform. McCain wants another amnesty. He's learned nothing of the disaster of the last one. Republican officials Saxby Chambliss, Peter King, Lindsey Graham, Bob Corker, Eric...(Read Full Article)