Losing the Latino Vote

I greatly admire Mitt Romney, but I think he was too much of a nice guy to win the election. He needed to get into the trenches, get his hands dirty, and have a drink -- although a non-alcoholic one -- with some of the boys. When it comes to the Latino vote, I don't think Hispanics saw him as approachable. To them, he was an aloof rich guy living a life they could only dream about. Of course, the liars and demagogues in the Democratic Party made sure that the uninformed public -- their natural constituency -- never forgot that Romney was not "one of them." And because President Obama is not white, Latinos feel he's more like them than Romney is. As much as I dislike Obama and all that he stands for, I have to admit that his going out into the community after college and law school instead of going after the big bucks in corporate America solidified his credentials as a "man of the people." The question, of course, is whether he could have made it on Wall Street at all, considering...(Read Full Article)