Losing the Battle to Spin the War

Shifting demographics. Low turnout. ORCA croaking. Moderate Mitt. Sandy/Christie/Obama celebrity three-way. Voter fraud. Many thoughtful minds have offered analysis as to why, after suffering through four years of Obama's militant collectivism and prolific statism (AKA class warfare and social justice), a "center-right" nation would vote for the radical leftist again. But let's face it, Republicans lost the "center" because the Republicans didn't really have the center. The media-entertainment-education-Democrat axis control the mainstream narrative, which means the 30-40% who are in the center (between conservative and liberal identification) generally will believe whatever Bill Maher, CNN or Politico says. One might think that an election would be a prime time to talk over the media and directly to the people; however, Republicans made a short-term, strategic decision last December which may have not only cost them the presidential battle, but also squandered opportunities to cause...(Read Full Article)