Learning the Hard Way

Having four children 10 and under offers plenty of intimate, hands-on lessons on human nature. Sometimes, for example, in spite of Michelle's and my best efforts, good parental instruction is ignored and hard lessons have to be learned. I'm not talking about situations that lead to enforced discipline, but rather those that result in sad and tough natural consequences. A good recent example for us is one that many families have experienced: the misplaced bike. What happens in this case is that the child not only fails to put away his bike properly, but leaves it in such a place that it is run over by the family car. Of course, much sadness and sorrow ensue, but this is also a great opportunity for learning. A great biblical example of learning things the hard way is the parable of the lost son. In this story, Jesus described a father with two sons. The younger son approached his father and demanded his share of the estate. Shorty after this, the younger son took all he had and...(Read Full Article)