'It Ain't Over 'til It's Over': What to Do Now

In all the crying and wailing going on about Mr. Obama's continued presence in the White House two things seem to be completely missing: an honest appraisal of what happened; and, a serious plan for saving the republic. What happened is painfully obvious: 1. The  Romney campaign gambled that excluding certain Tea Party players like Sarah Palin would give them enough credibility with the mainstream media for their candidates to get the conservative  message out. This failed.  What the GOP saw as a sacrifice aimed at reducing the barriers to communication, the major media players involved saw as vindication.  As a result, most responded by doubling down on their support for Mr. Obama -- while  millions of excluded Tea Party supporters were left unable to commit emotionally  to the Romney campaign. 2. The Romney campaign bought into the notion that Mr. Obama is somehow likeable and that personal attacks on his credibility, history, associates, and...(Read Full Article)