Is It Time for a Virtual Congress?

Legend has it that Washington, D.C. is built on swampland.  While marshes are prevalent, the legend is false, but at the same time, it is figuratively true.  Swamps are messy places -- notorious breeding grounds for all sorts of pestilence.  And though the Centers for Disease Control have probably never heard of it, the malady clientitis has reached epidemic stage within those 68 square miles along the Potomac. And it's enough to make us all sick. First encountered in diplomatic circles, the disorder was originally known as going native: a condition where in-country diplomats would begin to regard the officials and people of the host country as clients.  Over time, the diplomats would cease advocating U.S. interests and instead become champions of the host country, even to the point of taking vehement opposition to State Department policies. Inside Washington's beltway, members of Congress can be expected to come down with clientitis soon after their freshman...(Read Full Article)