Invasion of the Liberal Body Snatchers

When I was a younger and more naïve man, I sometimes thought to myself, "Boy, if I could just get a forum in which to express my ideas, I could really change people's minds." This was before I realized that, more often than not, it wasn't a matter of changing minds. It was a matter of changing hearts. This is why I shake my head when hearing talk of how conservatives can possibly "win over" women or Hispanics or blacks or whatever the latest pander-worthy group may be, of how they need to "reach out" or "reframe their message," as if everyone is a logic-worshipping Mr. Spock. After all, even if the media would disseminate the conservative argument without twisting it into a soggy, unpalatable pretzel -- which they won't -- did it ever occur to these tacticians that the problem isn't mainly a matter of intellect, but emotion?   As a related example, I got into a debate years ago with a very amiable man who had moved to the US from Denmark. He was defending socialist policies...(Read Full Article)