Ideas and Demographics Favor Republicans

The 2012 presidential election was pivotal to the future of America -- the most important in our lifetimes, if not longer.  As long as I can remember, they have all been described like that, but rarely are the effects irreversible.   In Republican circles, the requisite weeping and gnashing of teeth is well underway.  The immediate reaction is to overreact, and to demand a reappraisal of Republican outreach to minorities.  Cooler heads must prevail, however, for though Democrats won in getting out the vote, their vision of big government planning, spending, and taxing is still a loser in America. Democrats were equally distraught after the 2004 election; indeed, many liberal elitists threatened to leave for Canada or seek solace in France.  Before we could wish them "bon voyage," their party bounced back in 2006 and 2008...only to then suffer a sound "shellacking" in 2010.  If history is prologue, the "six-year itch" will induce Republican gains in the...(Read Full Article)