How Republicans Can Rebrand

While listening to conservative pundits lamenting Mitt Romney's defeat, incredulous that three million Republicans didn't vote -- ostensibly because the GOP (Grand Old Party) had failed to get out the vote -- the real problem hit me: cultural infantilism.  Liberalism, and its pillars entitlement and dependency, is now so pervasive, corrosive, and infectious that many of America's adults have regressed. The GOP shouldn't have to "get out the vote" in any election.  Responsible adults know that voting is a civic duty, a responsibility, an obligation, a self-directed act.  We tell children to fulfill their obligations, right?  Barack Obama exhorted his sycophantic base to vote, even instructing them that voting is the best revenge.  Although he won, Obama received 10 million fewer votes in 2012 than he did in 2008. Adults, conversely, get themselves out to vote.  They take responsibility for their lives, make difficult choices and sacrifices, fight to limit...(Read Full Article)