Guess What's Coming to Lake Wobegon

The campaign tactics behind four historic electoral wins at the November 2012 polls for same-sex "marriage" (SSM) in Maine, Maryland, Washington State, and my boyhood home of Minnesota are well worth analyzing.  Although homosexual advocates carefully crafted a public relations campaign presenting homosexuality and its legal recognition as benign phenomena, the reality in Minnesota belies the rhetoric. As analyzed online by Nathanial Frank of Slate, surveys had shown people conceiving of marriage in terms "of love, commitment and responsibility," while past pro-SSM rhetoric had emphasized "rights and benefits" for homosexuals demanding a redefinition of marriage.  A corresponding "sea change in the way gay advocates pled their case ... was a way to invite straight people to empathize with gay people, to reassure the majority that gay people wanted the same things that they did, and to shift focus from minority rights to points of commonality." As described by Frank, central...(Read Full Article)