GM Wins, America Loses

Having already heard Obama praised, repeatedly, for saving GM, and having witnessed both presidential candidates show support for the company, I've decided that it's time to explain -- not in emotional terms or statistics, but in simple philosophical truths -- what exactly it was that Obama saved.  For when the matter is closely examined without national prejudice, it turns out that what Obama did by "saving" GM was actually quite sinister. To fully explain my position, it's necessary to start at the very bottom of the matter: the existence of businesses and production in general.  We must look at the business not as the politician sees it -- not as a series of intertwined careers, benefits, and retirement plans -- but as an idea, beginning in the mind of a single man, to benefit himself by benefiting another person.  We must envision the entrepreneur looking about and applying his intellect to his surroundings, seeking to produce not simply something, but rather...(Read Full Article)