Gen-Xers Gave Us Obama's America

Optimism for conservatives in the aftermath of the re-election of President Obama is difficult to find, in spite of the faith many conservatives espouse.  What makes it even more distressing for many conservatives of Generation X is that our generation has given us Obama's America.  Thus, to try to find some answers as to what just happened, Gen X must analyze and take responsibility for Obama's re-election. Gen X was born into the final years of America's adherence to any real semblance of constitutionally limited government.  That America rebuked Nixon for his Watergate misbehavior, voted out Carter for his fecklessness, and chucked Bush 41 for breaking his tax promises.  The electorate in those days was certainly partisan, but by the same token, those voters demonstrated that they had more moral and political clarity than do today's voters.  Tragically, the electorate that held the aforementioned presidents accountable for their failures seems to have gone...(Read Full Article)