Digital Devil's Dictionary

Freed of his campaign obligations, Old Nick himself arrived yesterday to kick back with some old friends.  It turns out he is turning his attention back to his magnum opus, The Devil's Dictionary.  It has been almost a century since the first edition was put out, with Ambrose Bierce as his ghost writer.  Bierce's present status, the Dark Angel pointed out, does not permit him to engage in further earthly endeavors, of course. It is time for digital edition anyway. Over the past 100 years, Mephistopheles has been busy enough sowing confusion in all the languages of the world, but especially English.  "The English tongue went viral right after the first Dictionary went to press," he observed, "largely because I showed it to be so capable of warping the way mortals think."   I reflected that it truly has become the lingua franca of every tyrant, tinpot despot, and political philosopher since Lenin.  It is hard to see how they could have gained any...(Read Full Article)