Democrats Are Far Better Losers Than We Are

Democrats are far better losers than Republicans.  In fact, it must almost be fun losing elections as a Democrat. Nobody immediately throws his loser candidate under the bus.  No Christian or religious-minded Democrats write articles, talking about how the party needs to abandon their socialist, atheistic base.  And to top it all off, nobody -- and I mean nobody -- gets up there and talks about how the Democrats need to abandon their party's core principles in order to appeal to moderates and independents. It must be awesome to be a loser Democrat!  It's like wrecking the family car and getting your allowance raised. You don't believe me?  Think I'm being too flippant?  Let's take a stroll down Memory Lane, shall we? Democrats were once told that the American people rejected their social agenda as well.  Remember the Values Voter revolution in 2002?  Democrats lost seats in both chambers and were categorically rejected by a whole host of people...(Read Full Article)