Conspire, Divide & Smear

Three Things: 1) Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean there is no conspiracy.2) If Barack Obama wants a divided nation, we should give it to him.3) Negative campaign advertising is extremely effective. Let's start with Benghazi. As a writer of fiction, read by dozens, I love a good conspiracy. If you give me enough time, I can explain how Hurricane Sandy was directly caused by the introduction of New Coke years before, and how Morgan Freeman, the inventor of the teleprompter, is actually Barack Obama's true father. Obama betrayed us and now it's up to Petraeus to save us. To use a crass analogy, the entire episode in Libya was an abortion from the start. We all know the President's preference for abortion -- partial or otherwise -- funded by the wealthy who are asked to pay a little bit more. Why did we have a consulate in Benghazi and what was the purpose of the CIA annex? Was the annex a clandestine CIA prison and was the consulate arming Syrian rebels? Ambassador Stevens'...(Read Full Article)