Conspire, Divide & Smear

Three Things:

1) Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean there is no conspiracy.
2) If Barack Obama wants a divided nation, we should give it to him.
3) Negative campaign advertising is extremely effective.

Let's start with Benghazi. As a writer of fiction, read by dozens, I love a good conspiracy. If you give me enough time, I can explain how Hurricane Sandy was directly caused by the introduction of New Coke years before, and how Morgan Freeman, the inventor of the teleprompter, is actually Barack Obama's true father.

Obama betrayed us and now it's up to Petraeus to save us. To use a crass analogy, the entire episode in Libya was an abortion from the start. We all know the President's preference for abortion -- partial or otherwise -- funded by the wealthy who are asked to pay a little bit more.

Why did we have a consulate in Benghazi and what was the purpose of the CIA annex? Was the annex a clandestine CIA prison and was the consulate arming Syrian rebels? Ambassador Stevens' last meeting was with a delegation from Turkey. What was the purpose of this meeting and why couldn't it have taken place in Tripoli, where our embassy is located?

The administration not only left our staff in Libya exposed and unprotected, they even removed a sixteen-man special security team mere weeks before the attack on 9/11. Why?

This administration not only refused repeated requests for more security prior to the terrorist assault, they ignored desperate pleas for help from our people while the attack was underway.

Afterward, they lied and tried to cover up the whole despicable incident by blaming it on an internet video no one had even seen.

Petraeus, ever the good soldier, initially supported the meme in comments to a congressional committee on September 13. But... Biden telegraphed the president's plan at the VP debate when he blamed it all on the "intelligence community."

Petraeus was to be the patsy (I feel like Oliver Stone). After all, he was only there in the first place because of the emperor Barack's desire to keep any potential political threat as close as possible. Why do you think poor Hillary has been on a plane travelling to the middle of nowhere from virtually the day she became the secretary of state?

Being a good soldier is one thing, but accepting responsibility for your boss's failures is an entirely different matter. A CIA spokesman released a statement declaring that the agency did not deny permission for an attempted military rescue of our staff while they were being attacked. The implication being that leaving our people to die was a decision made by the President -- which anyone with half a brain already knew. It's a shame half-brains are in such short supply these days.

Obama fancies himself a master politician. And perhaps, he is right, since he just won reelection with literally (as Biden would say) not a single successful policy in his first term -- upped the ante. He told his errant CIA head to accept responsibility, or his affair with that broad could well be exposed.

Petraeus, a national hero, and man of honor -- and make no mistake, it takes guts and honor to destroy your life in service of some belief -- resigned instead, taking the unusual step of admitting to his affair in his resignation letter (no statement saying "I want to spend more time with family" for him).

Obama, then realizing he was losing control, floated the court-martial plan. In other words, "fold, or there might be jail time."

And, that's where we stand today. But... I would like to make one observation. Barack Obama is playing political poker with a master tactician. And who knows? Maybe our king has an ace up his sleeve and can compel Petraeus to concede, but I would doubt it.

My money is on Petraeus winning this confrontation, with devastatingly truthful testimony that lays responsibility for the deaths of Stevens, Smith, Doherty, and Woods directly at Obama's feet, where it belongs. His testimony, may even take down the Obama presidency.

But then -- I picked Obama to lose in a landslide, so perhaps my entire thesis is merely a conspiracy theory from a dunce.

On to the divided nation... Obama has ruled and campaigned by dividing America into groups he could pit against one another for electoral benefit. Well... as he will no doubt remind us in the coming debt negotiations, he won. I say, give him his divided nation. I will certainly do my part.

My first article here on American Thinker was about racism. I tried to be even-handed about where I saw racism and where I did not -- during the article I made the assertion that calling Barack Obama the worst president America has ever seen was not racism, merely analysis of the man and his policies.

An African-American woman, who I had been introducing as my sister for most of four decades, on the same day she borrowed $60 from me, called me a racist in two texts and two emails -- in total, probably more than 2,000 words of vitriolic venom.

When her significant other came by the following week to pay back the $60, I told her to tell her wife to lose my number and never attempt to speak with me again.

You see, that relationship -- and let's face it, this was a woman I loved and will always love -- will never be the same. She is family, but there are lots of people who don't speak with family.

We had always disagreed politically, but it was never an issue. As I said, we were family. Once, when Malik Zulu Shabazz of the New Black Panthers said he wanted to kill white babies, she was appalled and I thought, finally there was something we could agree on.

Then she said. "He is so wrong to say that. Everyone knows black people don't kill babies; only white people kill babies."

...And I'm the racist?

But this is what Obama wanted, a racially and socially divided nation. I say, so be it. I have all the same friends today that I had when I was 10 years old, but I think I've had enough with people who believe that because I disagree with them politically I am evil -- yet not so evil that I still can't lend them money, or cook for them, or open my home to them.

Enough already -- ask Barack Obama for dinner, or $60, or whatever you have no problem letting me do for you, because I am finished. That's the beauty of my life. I don't owe anyone anything. I have always tried to do the right thing and almost exclusively the flow has been one way, from me to them.

So... bye, bye bitches. See... I'm sounding like a progressive already.

Lastly, negative campaigning works. The president smeared Romney as a rapacious murderer who killed steelworker's wives in order to steal money from the middle class to buy a shiny new knife from China which he could use to cut up various helpless Sandra Flukes to feed to his wife's horse.

Obama did this all year, whereas Romney didn't even start to campaign until after the GOP convention -- the Republicans need to start earlier and be more aggressive, or get used to eating at the small table every Thanksgiving.

And, while Romney won the first debate by presenting himself as a credible alternative, he managed only a win on style in the second and a loss on points in the third; he went prevent-defense and never gave America a reason to vote for him or against Obama, allowing the president's most grievous offenses against the nation to go unmentioned.

Without a compelling reason to vote against him, waffling Obama supporters stuck with America's worst president ever -- and without an explanation for why they should vote for Romney, many potential Romney supporters stayed home.

America is not yet doomed, but the next four years will see many lives, loves and fortunes lost, as well as friendships and relationships -- on both sides of the political divide.

That's what happens in war. We should not only accept it, we should embrace it.

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