Another Thanksgiving Day Readers' Quiz

Most everyone should enjoy this family-oriented, cross-generational quiz.  There are twenty-one challenging questions, designed to entertain and recall our American past.  Choose teams and write down your answers.  No fair looking up the answers on an iPhone hidden under the table.  Answers are linked below.  Good luck -- you will need it! 1. What baseball player played for San Francisco, Cleveland, Texas, San Diego, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, and Kansas City, and hit home runs in three different decades?  The "Moon Shots" were hit in what stadium?  To left field or right field?  Has there ever been a 2-5-3-1 triple play?  Two points for each correct answer. 2. One term does not belong on this list: till, eskar, delta kame, thalweg, lateral moraine, outwash.  Five points for the correct answer. 3. Name the movie and the character that speaks the quote.  One point for the movie's name, one point for the character's name, and one...(Read Full Article)