America's Real Choice

We all remember the last time that liberals were telling us that stagnation was the new normal.  It was back in 1980, the year that Ronald Reagan stepped up and taught a generation of liberals what to do with their pessimism and their declinism. Now we have a new pharaoh, one who knew not Carter, and he and his courtiers look out uncomprehendingly at their half-built stimulus pyramids and wonder why the American people just can't seem to get the job done. We have a choice -- between the bitter-ender statist philosophy of entitlements today, entitlements tomorrow, entitlements forever and the Romney alternative, which is to reform entitlements someday, for the next generation.  That is a polite way of saying that America's seniors like me will vote only for a politician who promises to force our children to pay for our Medicare in full.  As for the Medicare for our children...well, we'll all be dead by then. Why in the world would our children agree to a deal like...(Read Full Article)