America, Strung Out

She's young.  She's beautiful.  She's famous around the world.  She has built an empire of unparalleled wealth.  The press is fixated on her, and many have illegally trespassed on her property.  She's also an addict.  She's surrounded and enabled by an entourage who benefit from their connection to her.  Her money affords her near-limitless access to her vice.  She refuses to acknowledge that her addiction is a problem, even as it threatens her very life.  Attempts at intervention by those who love her dearly have been rejected. She is America, and her drug is spending. Addiction is pervasive in our country.  It is estimated that close to 50 million Americans struggle directly with addictions to tobacco, nicotine, alcohol, porn, drugs, sex, gambling, work, and food -- just to name a few. Addicts rarely seek recovery until they hit "rock bottom."  For the average person, this could mean a rush to the ER, an overdrawn bank account,...(Read Full Article)