After This Election, Does PBS Deserve Public Funding?

During the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney injected the issue of funding public television into the campaign.  He was widely attacked by liberals in the media, and by President Obama himself, for wanting to kill off Big Bird. Is that really such a bad idea?  The behavior of some in public media during this election suggests that it isn't. Based on the reporting of several of its major contributors, one has to question PBS's objectivity during the current election.  On Oct. 25, PBS highlighted a TIME poll showing Obama leading Romney 49% to 45% in the key battleground state of Ohio.  Just four days later, the Cincinnati Enquirer showed the race tied, while the Rasmussen poll showed Romney ahead by 2 points.  On what basis did PBS select the TIME poll for its report? On Oct. 26, Gwen Ifill provided her "take" on the election.  Among her observations: Obama commands 80% of the non-white vote, and the nation "is becoming less, not more, white."...(Read Full Article)