After Obama: The Coming Reign of Incredibly Small Government

A national election always triggers an onslaught of political books claiming that the next several decades will belong to the party which just swept into power.  These books are laughably wrong, usually being discarded and discredited by the next election night.  This election is no different, and books are being finished right now which explain why events in history will be marked henceforth as Before Obama and After Obama.  There are other books being edited currently which will be the obituary of the GOP, claiming that Barack Obama killed the great elephant on his way back from killing Osama bin Laden.  The byproducts of both responses to the 2012 election will in short order be discarded, but for reasons far outside politics. The future is dramatically conservative, in a very uncomfortable and dark way.  This conservative future is inevitable -- not because of political events, but because of societal trajectory.  If political events are...(Read Full Article)