A Violent Russia

Russian families are under siege in Vladimir Putin's Russia, and they are getting hit from every conceivable front. Putin's response is the typical Soviet answer: lies and coverup rather than reform. Even state-sponsored propaganda mouthpiece Russia Today admits that domestic violence is out of control. One Russian woman is murdered by her spouse every hour on the hour, adding up to a ghastly total of 14,000 such killings every year, more than ten times the number the U.S. has, even though the U.S. population is twice the size of Russia's. Even more are physically brutalized without being killed, and the so-called "stable" and "law and order" regime of KGB spymaster Putin does nothing to stop it. If Russia Today is willing to go that far, dare we imagine the extent of the actual truth? But women are not just victims in Russia, they are also perpetrators. Their victims are their children. Seasoned Russia scribe Irina Titova reports that there were 268 reported cases of newborn babies...(Read Full Article)