A Letter to Both Santas

Kids write letters to Santa Claus every year. It's a lovely tradition, but once you stop hoping for a pony to appear magically under the tree, it sort of dies. But with the same original, childlike hope, I thought a letter to the two biggest potential Santas (David H. and Charles G. Koch) that I know of might do the trick. Dear Santas, I know this letter might seem a little early, but since I started seeing Christmas items in my local stores even before Halloween, I just thought that perhaps Kathleen Sebelius had issued a new directive (apparently as part of her Obamacare authority which seems to allow her to control everything else) rescheduling your big day this year. I'm sure that you've been scratching your head wondering what you could get me this year, and slide under my tree, to make my eyes pop in wonder and my heart beat with new joy on December 25th. Well, I know it seems sort of bold of me to ask for something this large, but perhaps if you think of it not as a gift for...(Read Full Article)