Why Obama Will Lose All Three Debates

President Obama had a terrible debate last week.  Supporters and opponents were shocked that he could be so off his game.  They shouldn't have been.  That they were indicates that they don't understand Obama's serious, likely insurmountable re-election problem. Obama supporters and detractors expect the old Obama to show better form in the next debate.  But that is not going to happen!  It cannot, because Obama's critical problem is not correctable. Obama's Real Problem The media seemed more surprised by Obama's performance than Romney's.  It was Romney who was the surprise and exposed Obama's Achilles heel.  Daniel Henninger observed (my emphasis added): ... no one expected or predicted that Barack Obama could be so pushed off his game or look so flustered in a contest of articulating ideas. Obama's problem, to put it politely, is his looseness with facts.  He is the quintessential "sound-bite" president.  Truth...(Read Full Article)