What We Should Want

The 2012 election is very important to America, but what we should want in the long run -- what our ultimate goal as conservatives should be -- is to shrink Washington and its power-brokers into a tininess and timidity which makes the federal government a faint whisper, a weak shadow in our lives. The Fabian Socialists, who own the Democrat Party and have laid claim to much of the Republican Party, offer different incarnations of federal cures and national panaceas.  None of these solutions works.  Indeed, few of these solutions are intended to work.  Each new federal law or program is like a virus, a self-replicating organism as robust as it is destructive. Consider just one example: the New Deal Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, which creates national minimum wage and overtime mandates.  The law serves no real purpose these days except to price young and inexperienced workers out of the job market.  As bad as the government regulation of wages and hours is...(Read Full Article)