What Not to Wear: Presidential Edition

While getting my hair done at the salon, I was entertained with my iPad and this recent headline on The Blaze: "'Morning Joe' panelist actually asks if we can 'trust" Mitt Romney if he 'colors his hair.'" The guest panelist for MSNBC, Donnie Deutsch, asked: "Do you want a president of the United States who colors his hair?" and further declared: "I think if the average American thought a man was coloring his hair, he would lose trust in him." The idea that hair dye and trustworthiness were related left me more breathless than the ammonia odors wafting around the salon.  I suspiciously eyed my neighbors in the chairs around me -- does she or doesn't she?  Who knew that the old Clairol slogan needed a qualifier (according to Deutsch): "only his/her hairdresser knows for sure...whether he/she is trustworthy."  Deutsch was indignant that "we never ask that question[.]  Why does nobody ask that question?"  Maybe some of the JournoLists who sifted through Sarah...(Read Full Article)