We Have Not Lost a Generation to Liberalism

King syrup and mom's homemade biscuits for dinner.  We five Marcus kids, of which I am the oldest, loved it.  It never dawned on us that our great dinner was due to Mom and Dad being low on funds.  When we moved out of the government projects in Baltimore City to our home in Pumphery, a black suburban community, it was like moving to Disney World.  I was around ten years old. I met David and Charles, who taught me how to make a bow and arrows.  Nobody's eye got poked out.  We fished in Patapsco River.  On Sunday afternoons, a majority of the community swam "down the river."  Years later, I learned that the river was supposedly polluted.  But I never heard of anyone suffering ill effects from swimming and eating the fish. We played baseball a lot -- two bats, one ball, and various old gloves.  There was always the threat of Michael Avery hitting the ball into the woods.  Then we'd lose it, and no more baseball. On Wednesday nights,...(Read Full Article)