We Have Been Duped: The Story

The American people have been duped.  We are victims of an organized campaign to give legitimacy to a fable.  The fable concerns Barack Obama's origins -- the "improbable love" his parents shared.  This fable proved so captivating that four years after he told it at the 2004 Democratic Convention, the American people elected the storyteller to the presidency of the United States. The fairy-tale is found in the pages of Obama's book, Dreams from My Father.  When Obama began his campaign, there were very few sources that could verify the story told within its pages.  Most of the central characters had died, including the mother, father, and maternal grandfather.  The maternal grandmother who died shortly before the 2008 election was kept sequestered and was allowed to talk to the press only if the reporter had a "minder" from the Obama camp.  Early Obama biographer David Mendell admits as much. There were others, though, who proclaimed that the fable...(Read Full Article)