Two Americans: Lance Armstrong and Barack Obama

Lance Armstrong, cyclist, and Barack Obama, politician, are contemporary Americans who have achieved pinnacles of fame, adulation, and money while accused of cheating.  The events of their lives may serve to illuminate the America that produced them. Lance Armstrong is a Texan, born in 1971, when President Obama was ten years old.  His biography credits him with early ability in triathlon and cycling; he turned professional in triathlon at age 16.  Winning cycling events brought him an invitation in 1989 to train with the U.S. Olympic cycling team in Colorado Springs while he was still in high school.  From there, he went on to win a record seven Tours de France, the first American to command and then remain at the peak of European cycling. Barack Obama was born in 1961, either in Kenya (alleged) or Hawaii (official), depending upon the version accepted.  He went to school in Indonesia and then at Punahou Academy in Hawaii.  He attended Occidental...(Read Full Article)