'Trust Me, I'm from the Past'

I watched Mitt Romney dominate the presidential debate immediately after viewing the time travel movie Looper.  If I had access to time travel, I would use it now to leverage my role as the only person on Earth willing to testify that young Obama was a genuine Marxist socialist in 1980. Energized by Romney's performance, I am asking myself what can I do -- right now -- to forestall a real-life enactment of the future imagined by Rian Johnson, writer and director of Looper.  After all, Johnson's vision looked so bleak that my wife's reaction was to say: "Looks like Obama won." If I had the advantage of time travel, I would go full-on Bruce Willis right now.  I would go to 2008 and introduce myself to the television studios of Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. I believe that public knowledge of my face-to-face confrontation with young Obama's ideological extremism in 1980 would have helped prevent Obama's election in 2008.  My account of Obama's anticipation of a Communist...(Read Full Article)