Time to Reconsider the Imperial Presidency

The growth of the imperial presidency, as it was described by historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. in 1973, has for decades distorted the constitutional contract between the presidency and the citizens of the republic.  That distortion reached its peak with the fanfare that accompanied Barack Obama's ascension to power in 2008.  Not only has Obama assumed powers never intended for the executive branch, but his messianic posturing raised expectations that could never be fulfilled. Liberals in particular have not been this silly in love since the heady days of Camelot, as they labeled the magical aura that surrounded the Kennedy administration.  Like all such childlike fantasies, however, the hope that Obama could do larger-than-life things had to be dashed upon the hard rock of reality.  Now not only do his followers face the difficulty of admitting that he has failed to bring about the promised new age of prosperity at home and security abroad, but they have been...(Read Full Article)