Time to Fight

Barack Obama will fall on November 6, 2012, losing the presidential election in a landslide to Mitt Romney.  After the president's performance in the first debate, this is becoming more obvious. Yet now is not the time to be complacent.  We are engaged in a battle for the heart and soul of America, and an electoral defeat for the president will not change that. Now is the time to fight. Living in the Bronx, in the past, I have been guilty of self-censoring.  I always expressed my opinion but refused to get into arguments over politics.  As a conservative, political disagreements with liberals can be written off, but for liberals, any disagreement is evidence of evil intent. Therefore, I am a bad man -- and, ever since Barack first ran for the presidency, racist as well. The progressive position is an amalgam of mishmash -- feel-good pabulum supported by facile and flaccid arguments, usually from people who intellectually should know better -- yet choose not...(Read Full Article)