Time to Demythologize the Authoritarian Impulse

The will to dominate others is as old as history, and as endless.  When the Berlin Wall came down, many in the West deluded themselves to the effect that history had reached its conclusion.  A kind of Berlin Wall of the psyche went up, confining tyranny to an image drawn from Orwell, a convenient veil behind which three-dimensional men and women with the all too human urge to dominate are moving "forward" with their agenda. To clarify, the point here is not that the West's declared victory in the Cold War is false.  Thanks to the politically incorrect intransigence of Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Pope John Paul II, and countless unsung others, the Soviet Union dissolved, freeing millions of Europeans from the oppressive rule of usurpers.  Nothing can diminish this victory.  But we may have accepted a mythology of "Them," the tyrants and their peoples, according to which Their otherness is so complete that it seems inconceivable that we could become Them...(Read Full Article)