Things to Do in the Debate When You're Dead

What happens to a person with severe narcissistic personality disorder when he gets his rear end handed to him after an embarrassing debate drubbing?  He gets bozo-ballistic wee-wee'd up about it! The situation was so tense after the presidential debate in Denver that the larger of the Obama team, Michelle, placed her body between Obama and a surprised Romney -- and glared at the Republican, daring him to step out from behind the podium and lay one more word on her metrosexual man.  The Obama anger was palpable. The television cameras didn't show this to you, but the most hysterical image of the political season captured the moment.  Internet wags lamented, "If only our military could weaponize that look!" The future of the United States of America is at stake in this election.  The whole world is nervously watching, and many of our friends and allies are rooting desperately for Mitt Romney to save the day. The twisted sisters at the Taiwanese firm of NMA TV have...(Read Full Article)