The Wave That Breaks the Liberal Bubble

Can you feel it? The wave, that is.  I speak of one that will wash away far more than just a failed presidency.  This wave will have the torque to rock the entire liberal bubble -- the political/media/crony bubble -- leaving it forever exposed.  Ironically, those inside this bubble will be the last to know -- which is precisely why it will happen.  Those who would rule over us, and insult us with outrage over Big Bird, academic debate-scoring, "binders" memes, and specious jobs statistics know nothing about us.  This includes those inside the bubble who purport to represent our views. But we know them well.  For the record, "we" refers to the quarter of the country that never bought into the fraudulent vapor of Obama and who lost respect for anyone who did.  Even post-election, when 70% plus of the nation was in this stupor, we knew it was Marxist voodoo that could not last. It did not.  Early in 2009, per Rasmussen, another 25% got over the...(Read Full Article)