The True Extremist on Abortion

Americans are divided about abortion.  A majority favors legalized abortion in the hard cases: rape, incest, and threat to the life of the mother -- though keep in mind that these account for less, and probably a lot less, than 8% of all abortions.  Very few support Obama's extreme position of abortions for any reason at any time, including the third trimester. Contrary to Obama's view that abortion is a good thing, most Americans who support abortion think that it is, under certain circumstances, an unfortunate necessity.  In fact, Americans' support for abortion appears stronger than it is because many Americans think that abortion is more legally restricted than it really is. In a poll which tried to determine what Americans know about what is and isn't legal with regards to abortion, only 29% knew what the law actually is.  Fifty percent believed that the law is far more restrictive than it actually is. Many Americans do not know that currently, based on the...(Read Full Article)