The Relationship Legacy of the Obama Cult

(See also: Living with Divisiveness) Cults, by their very nature, shatter the existing personal relationships of the members they ensnare.  The Obama cult is no different. Obama has ruined more relationships than internet porn.  I believe that it is time that all the Obama-worshipers who abandoned their families, friends, and all reason to support Barack Obama should start their mea culpas. I find it astounding that liberals so readily gave up lifelong relationships over a total stranger.  The followers of Obama exhibited cult-like adulation that makes the followers of Jim Jones look kindergartenish in comparison. In 2008, I lost a friend of 28 years over Obama.  We had known for years that we differed politically; I am a Republican, he a Democrat.  It never mattered.  That is, until Obama came on the scene. My former friend was utterly beguiled by Obama.  He claimed that it was about Bush; however, it boiled down to racism.  He wanted a black...(Read Full Article)